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There are going to be some updates to Obinx over the next 4-5 months so things are going to be changing around. Ready for a 2020 launch.

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11th Oct 2019

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  • 11th Oct 2019

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      Normally I keep these sort of things just for the Obinxer Pro's but I think in these crazy GBP times everyone should be kept safe.

      So that move yesterday was based on the fact we could be having a deal for Brexit rather than a no-deal. Very interesting.

      I'm going to be blunt here. I've been thinking of this for most likely too much aha. But this all seems rather fishy to me. Here are a couple of points.

      Why now? There are around 20 days left until the "deadline" and all of a sudden it seems like there could be hopes of a deal. Rather than there being a no-deal.

      There is more to this than meets the eye. if it was this easy to get a deal sorted. It would have been done months ago not right now. Unless there is some sort of back peddling agreement or in good old political fashion. This is just a show.

      EU is trying to make it look like they are the good ones and the UK are trying to make it look like they are the good ones. No one wants to come out of this looking like the "bad person".

      So there are two options here for me.

      1. This is a load of bullshit and it's just a plot to make UK look like the bad ones in the long run when what "good" has come from all this is undermined with facts that a deal can't be made.

      2. This is genially an actual truth and this is the begging of the UK leaving the EU with a deal and not a hard border/checks on the Island of Ireland and Northern Ireland border.

      If you take a look at all GBP pairs. You will see how the markets have played this very very well. There was forced market selling getting ready for this event.

      Link to Picture:

      Honestly, I think the markets are way ahead of themselves. Today seems too good to be true. Just go on H1 and look at that move. It's not even 31st yet and the markets have already moved this much. The market is setting up for something.. Pump before a dump?? Time will only tell.

      Remember. Keep ya fingers locked and loaded. This is just the begging of the GBP Volatility