Obinx 2020

There are going to be some updates to Obinx over the next 4-5 months so things are going to be changing around. Ready for a 2020 launch.

We've also launched ADHDTrader discord. For more info about ADHDTrader visit here
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Obinxer Pro

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  • Obinxer Pro

    Here is information about the Obinxer Pro role.

    Obinxer is a free service provided by Obinx to help with trading. Obinxer Pro role takes Obinxer to the next level. The Obinxer Pro role is a role with the ADHDTrader (Obinx Trading Floor) discord. It gives you direct and daily access to our Trading Director. So you can ask questions or get help on the spot and even use the voice chat to go over things.

    Included with Obinxer Pro
    • Daily analysis
    • Video and Audio going over analysis
    • Chat room to ask for analysis or any questions you might have
    • and more...

    How To Get Obinxer Pro
    1. Join ADHDTrader discord (click here)
    2. Type "donate" in #command-chat
    3. Follow the link and order

    Disclaimer: click here