Obinx 2020

There are going to be some updates to Obinx over the next 4-5 months so things are going to be changing around. Ready for a 2020 launch.

We've also launched ADHDTrader discord. For more info about ADHDTrader visit here
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MAM Account

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  • MAM Account

    Track Record For MAM Account:

    What is it
    - There is a tool called MetaTrader MultiTerminal which allows one to make trades on multiple accounts at once. If you want to make a second source of income either from not trading your self or alongside yourself trading. The aim is for around 1% per day (1% of the deposited amount)

    How To Get Set Up
    - You need to sign up to and use the referral code 14798. Once you've got that setup. You need to ask ICMarkets via live chat to make you a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) True ECN account on the server Live-16. Once that is done you need to send Obinx a private message on Discord including the Login details. Once you've got all set up Join the discord to be kept up with progress.

    More Info
    - Instead of you trading Forex your self we do it for you. We aim for around 1% per day on the deposited amount. This is why we like for you to open the account with ICMarkets as it keeps all the money and trust in your control. All Obinx asks if that at the end of the month if any profit has been made you send 10% of it to Obinx as a fee. You will receive an invoice of the amount to be paid and also a screenshot of the trading history for that month so you see the maths for your self.

    ICMarkets Link:
    Discord Link:

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    • You agree to the Disclaimer
    • Do not trade inside the account your self.
    • 10% of the earnings to be paid to [email protected] via PayPal (you have 3 days after month start to pay)
    • Deposits into the account have to be made before 10 pm (London) on a Sunday evening as this is when the market opens.
    • You can only withdraw from the account once per week. After 10 pm (London) on a Friday as this is when the market is fully closed.
    If you have any questions you can either create a topic in MAM SUPPORT or email [email protected]